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Oranje is a working studio and gallery space founded in 2013 by Meg Martin Kiphardt and Phillip Kiphardt. It is currently located in the RINO arts district of Denver, CO. They work independently and collaborate on projects in a wide range of scale.

Their creative drive is nurtured by a common curiosity in the exploration of process-a balance of rational discipline and intuitive freedom.

Meg is from Knoxville, TN. She began her studies in History of Art and Architecture at Miami University, Ohio and earned a BFA and a BAS in Art History at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Phillip is from Golden, Colorado. He attended the Colorado Institute of Art for Computer Animation and Visual Communication and Art History at Metro College, Denver. They have a son named Knox.

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Selected Exhibitions

2016 Wines Off Wynkoop, Oranje Archives
GRACe, Residents, Never Been Here, Done That
Wazee Union, Residents, The Last Hoorah
2015 Hooked On Colfax, Oranje Retrospect
Wazee Union, Residents, Artist Thesaurus IV
Wazee Union, Residents, Artist Thesaurus III
Wazee Union, Residents, Coo Coo Ka Choo
2014 Wazee Union, Residents, Explorations in Light Destruction
Wazee Union, Residents, Artist Thesaurus II
Wazee Union, Residents, Here We Go Again
Wazee Union, Residents, Oranje Retrospect
2009 Spark Gallery, Juried Exhibition, Phillip
Orange Cat Studios, Mostly From Love
2007 Colorado Arts Festival, When Talking to Myself
Spark Gallery, Juried Exhibition, Meg
2006 Denver Performing Arts Complex, Invite Exhibition, Pieces
Orange Cat Studios, Look Into Me
Buell Theater, Denver Arts Festival Exhibition
2005 Orange Cat Studios, Phillip Hello

“My parents enrolled me in an after school art class around the age of six. While I can not remember a time that I was not fascinated by the medium of paint or inspired to draw, this experience solidified a fixation. My passion for the act of painting spawns largely from a desire to engage a sense of connection through the reasoning that these unfoldings are the most authentic offerings of self. The process of layering and removing mediums on a surface is a recording of my movements, thoughts, and perspective within time and space. It is both a preservation of memory and an open dialogue.”

Meg Martin Kiphardt

“For me, there is not a separation of every day life and art. With this in mind, Oranje Studio stems from a couple different ideas. I am a first generation Dutch/American which is reflected in the spelling and significance of the color. My wife is from East Tennessee where orange is also culturally prominent and we are both big Broncos fans.”

Phillip Mark Kiphardt

The Studio

We're located at the Globeville Riverfront Arts Center:
888 E 50th Ave, Denver, CO 80216

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